How Many Switches Do I Need GMMK Pro?

The number of switches you need for the GMMK Pro is dependent on what type of board and layout you choose. For example, if you go with a TKL or 60% board then only one switch is needed. However, if you go with a full-size keyboard such as an Ergodox or Herman Miller model then up to five switches might be necessary. Knowing how many switches are required will help ensure that your build goes smoothly!

What is the number of switches needed for GMMK Pro? You might be wondering how to answer this question. There are so many options and it can seem overwhelming! The number of switches you need will depend on your preference, what type of layout you want, and the keyboard case you use. Let’s explore some different layouts to help figure out what’s best for you!

The question of how many switches you need for the GMMK Pro is an important one, and there are a few factors that can help to determine what you will need. The most common switch configuration that people use is two rows of six switches each, which is 12 total. If you want to be able to program your keyboard with different layouts in advance, it’s worth getting an extra set so that you have 24 total switches. You’ll also want at least one more if you plan on using Cherry MX style stabilizers because they occupy two switches per side.

The GMMK Pro, the newest keyboard from Massdrop x Input Club, is a powerful keyboard that can be modified for whatever your needs are. With additional switches and keycaps included in the box it’s hard to go wrong with this purchase!

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