The Gmmk Pro Review in 2022

The gmmk Pro is the best mechanical keyboard I’ve ever used. The keys feel like they’re melting into my fingertips with every touch and it’s so easy to type on. It really makes typing a joy.

The glorious gmmk is a mechanical keyboard that has been designed to have the best typing experience. It uses Cherry MX switches, which are all considered to be tactile and clicky.

The glorious modular mechanical keyboard pro also features RGB lighting with various effects and adjustable brightness levels. This article will show you how to set up your gmmk keyboard for different modes of use, such as gaming or programming.

Following Are The Gmmk Review

There is a lot of great gmmk on the market, but I’m here to tell you that this one is the BEST. It’s well-built, has all the features you could need and want, and looks good. What more do you need? Here is our list of affordable gmmk keyboard.

Recommended Gmmk Pro

 RGB LED Backlit, Brown Switches, Hot-Swap Switches (Black)(GMMK-BRN)

Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Keys 104
 Keyboard backlighting color RGB
Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race


Recommended Gmmk Pro

The GMMK-BRN is a hot swap mechanical keyboard that features RGB LED backlighting, brown switches, and hot swap switches. The GMMK-BRN allows you to customize your keys with 16.8 million colors while also providing an ergonomic layout for typing and gaming purposes.

This article will go over the specifications of the product as well as what buyers can expect from it in terms of quality and performance.

The original goal for this project was to create a fully customizable gaming keyboard without any limitations on key combinations or macro functions; we believe we’ve achieved this by incorporating both RGB LEDs and interchangeable switch plates which allow users to choose between Cherry MX Brown (soft tactile), Cherry MX Blue (clicky tactile), Cherry MX Red

  • Programmable macro support
  • Long life
  • Offers cable management system
  • RGB lighting
  • Limited after-sales support.

Cheap Gmmk Keyboard

 61 Keys Multi Color RGB Illuminated LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard, Waterproof Programmable,

Connectivity Technology USB
Number of Keys 61
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.5 x 4.02 x 1.57 inches

Cheap Gmmk Pro

Gaming is a passion-driven experience and we know how important it can be to have the right gear. Whether you’re into FPS, MMORPGs or RTS games, this keyboard has everything that you need in order to get an edge on your opponents.

With 61 keys including 16 macro keys along with RGB illuminated LED-backlit and waterproof protection this keyboard has got all of your gaming needs covered.

Do you love playing video games and want to take your gaming experience to the next level? If so, then we have just what you’ve been looking for! This 61 Keys Multi-Color RGB Illuminated LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard is perfect for those who are serious about their gameplay.

  • The adjustable wrist rest is great for comfort and usability.
  • affordableUSB passthrough and media controls
  • Not suitable for office work.

Affordable Gmmk Pro

 60% True RGB Backlit – Wired/Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 PBT Type-c Up to 8 Hours Extended Battery Life,

Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wired
Number of Keys 61
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.18 x 3.82 x 0.79 inches
Brand Obinslab

Affordable Gmmk Pro

The 60% True RGB Backlit Wired/Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 PBT Type-c Up to 8 Hours Ex is a great device for any person who travels frequently and likes to have their laptop with them at all times.

With the ability to connect wirelessly, this laptop has an excellent battery life so you don’t need to worry about it running out of power when on the go.

You’ve had it with your old keyboard. It’s chock full of dirt, dust, and grime. The keys are sticky and the letters are worn down to almost nothing. You can’t tell what some keystrokes do anymore! Maybe you should look into getting a new keyboard.

  • There is no external software you need to download for using this keyboard.
  • Build quality is good.
  • USB passthrough and media controls
  • The custom keys are a bit of a pain.

Best Budget Glorious Gmmk Pro

 RGB LED Backlit Wired Gaming Keyboard, Ergonomic, for PC/Mac Gamer, Typist (Royal Kludge)

Connectivity Technology Wired
Number of Keys 61
 Keyboard backlighting color RGB
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.91 x 1.69 x 5.12 inches

Best Budget Gmmk Pro

If you’re looking for a wireless keyboard that is going to last up to 8 hours, look no further. This is the perfect solution for your needs with its 60% true RGB backlit system and wired/wireless Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities.

It’s also got a very ergonomic design so it won’t be causing any hand fatigue or pain from prolonged typing sessions!If you’re looking for a keyboard that has great battery life, then this is the one. It features 60% true RGB backlit keys with up to 8 hours of continuous use.

The wireless Bluetooth 4.0 connection gives you plenty of flexibility while typing on your computer or tablet and it comes in two colors: white and black. This keyboard also offers an ergonomic design which reduces wrist strain when typing for long periods of time!

  • Customized lighting
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Low noise
  • Excellent compatibility
  • The keyboard font is different.

Best Premium Gmmk Compact

  Hot-Swap – Wooden Frame – RGB LED Backlit – Linear & Quiet Cherry MX Red Switches

Color Name Cherry MX Blue Switch
Number of Keys 104
Connectivity wired
Keyboard Frame  wood

Best Premium Gmmk Pro

What do you need when you’re in the middle of a heated battle and your keyboard dies? A quick hot-swap! This mechanical gaming keyboard has a wooden frame that is RGB LED backlit.

In the market of keyboards, there are a variety of different types and models. The most popular being mechanical key switches with RGB backlighting

It comes with linear Cherry MX Red switches that are quiet, meaning no more distracting clicking sounds while playing. The keys also have anti-ghosting technology which means every key press registers on screen.

  • Programmable keys on offer
  • Multimedia controls
  • Ergonomic design
  • Keys can be a bit sticky

Supreme Gmmk Pro

 TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard, RGB LED, Outemu Blue Switch,Extra Switches Provided,

Number of Keys 104
Color RGB LED 104, Blue switch
Item dimensions L x W x H 44.5 x 13.4 x 2.3 centimetres

Supreme Gmmk Pro

The TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent choice for your next keyboard. It features an Outemu Blue switch, an RGB LED backlight, and heavy-duty metal construction.

The Phantom 104 also has a USB passthrough so you can plug in other devices without having to unplug the keyboard! I have been using my TECWARE Phantom 104 Mechanical Keyboard for about a week now.

This keyboard provides me with the right amount of feedback to feel like I am typing on an actual typewriter but is also more durable than most keyboards out there. The best part about this keyboard is that I can customize it however I want through the use of RGB LED’s and Outemu Blue Switches which are both available in different colors.

  • Excellent compatibility
  • High durability
  • Ergonomic design
  • The backspace is not fully lit.

Greatest Gmmk Pro

 MOTOSPEED 61 Keys Wired/Wireless 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard 60% RGB LED Backlit Type-C Gaming/Office Keyboard

Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wired
Number of Keys 61
Color White or Rgb
Item Dimensions LxWxH 11.42 x 3.94 x 1.77 inches

Greatest Gmmk Pro

The MOTOSPEED 61 Keys Wired/Wireless 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard 60% RGB LED Backlit Ty is a great option for those looking to switch up their typing experience.

It has an ergonomic design that will allow you to type faster and more comfortably, this keyboard also features Bluetooth wireless connection, so it’s easy to use on the go.

The MOTOSPEED 61 Keys Wired/Wireless 3.0 Mechanical Keyboard 60% RGB LED Backlit Ty is a great keyboard that has a variety of features for gamers and people who work with computers all day long.

  • Wireless operation
  • Excellent compatibility
  • Customizable
  • No backlit keys

Glorious Gmmk Pro

 Redragon K556-RK RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Round Keys, Aluminum Base, 104 Standard Keys

Connectivity Technology Wired
Number of Keys 104
Color Black
Operating System PC/Mac/Linux/Unix

Finest Gmmk Pro

The Redragon K556-RK RGB LED Backlit Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Round Keys is one of the most well-known gaming keyboards on the market today. It features a steel built construction and black anodized brushed aluminum for durability and style.

The keyboard also has 12 multimedia keys, 6 quick access shortcuts, and 104 anti-ghosting keys that provide fast response times to ensure you never miss a keystroke during heated gameplay sessions.

This keyboard comes with 8 preprogrammed lighting effects that can be customized using the included software. If you’re looking for an affordable mechanical gaming keyboard with all of the bells and whistles at your fingertips, this may just be what you’ve been searching for!

  • Wrist Rest
  • Customizable RGB
  • Discreet Media Keys
  • N/A

Glorious Gmmk Compact

 DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% True RGB Backlit Bluetooth 4.0 Wired/Wireless LED Computer Keyboard

Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wired
Number of Keys 63
 color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.31 x 5.51 x 1.81 inches

Superlative Gmmk Pro

If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard to take your performance up a notch, then look no further! This DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has everything you need. With features like Bluetooth 4.0 and 60% true RGB backlit keys, this is one of the best keyboards around.

Check it out now before the deal ends at the end of this month!Do you know what it feels like to be able to communicate with others without the need for words?

If not, then keep reading because DIERYA just released a new mechanical gaming keyboard that allows for precise and accurate typing. With this device, you’ll never have to worry about typos or misspelling anything ever again! You can also connect wirelessly using Bluetooth 4.0 so there’s no need for cords and cables.

  • It uses Cherry MX key switches
  • User-friendly software
  • Quality design
  • The switch takes some time to get used to.

Leading Gmmk Keyboards

Doomhammer Choc 96 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – True RGB Backlit, Hot Swappable Key switches, NKRO (Brown Switches (RGB), Black)

Connectivity Technology Wired
Special feature Backlit
Color Black
Item dimensions L x W x H 38.3 x 13.6 x 4 centimeters

Leading Gmmk Pro

Doomhammer Choc 96 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a premium keyboard that has full RGB backlit, which means you can customize the lights to any color.

It also offers hot swap, allowing for quick and easy replacement of keycaps without tools or soldering. The keys are built with an anti-ghosting capability so you can game at your best.

Doomhammer Choc 96 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a top-of-the-line keyboard that’s perfect for gamers. It has true RGB backlit, hot swap and more! Check it out here.

  • It comes in a long-lasting design
  • It is very quiet
  • Self-cleaning effect
  • Some users find the keyboard a bit old-fashioned

How to choose The Glorious Gmmk in 2021

1. Design

The 75-percent design of the GMMK Pro is more compact than all other types. Like a tenkeyless keyboard, it has everything needed for gaming including num pads and arrows keys but leaves out things like scroll lock or home button because they’re not necessary in this case.

Glorious GMMK percent design is more compact than full-size keyboards, but still packs in all of your favorite key functions.

With a tenkeyless layout and the inclusion of Pause/Scroll Lock keys as well—you’ll find this type great for gamers with limited desk space or those that don’t want an overwhelming amount on their wrists while gaming.

2. Assembling

Assembling the GMMK Pro was very easy because it’s hot-swappable and supports any 3 or 5 Cherry MX compatible switches. I just popped some switches in and hooked up my keyboard–it worked.

However, there were a few potential issues that needed addressing before we could go fully live: firstly the stabilizers weren’t greased enough which made me have to take apart parts of this new build briefly so they would be lubed as much as possible with supplied grease from Logitech.

secondly once assembled, every key on our test unit functioned correctly except those near their spacebar counterparts.

3. Typing Experience

The glorious GMMK Pro’s typing experience is heavily dependent on the switches and keycaps you use. I appreciated how they offered a 75% layout but found that stabilizers left much to be desired with their Goat Stabilizer Mounts.

However after doing serious modifications which a user shouldn’t have to do (Only because Glorious didn’t provide instructions), then sure enough as any gamer would say “it felt like an entirely different keyboard.

“With barebone kits usually come plate mounted stabilizers; however not in this instance where users get screwdriver-type options instead–the GOAT(Greatest Of All Time)Stab Plate Holders according To glorious gmmk keyboard.

4. Rotary Wheel

The rotary wheel on the top right corner of your keyboard has a textured pattern for easy gripping. I do wish it were just a little less wobbly but other than that this feature is great.

I was initially drawn to the keyboard by its sleek design which includes a rotary wheel in the top right corner of my screen.

The steps on this wheel make it easy for me to turn up and down the volume without having too many buttons distracting from what you’re doing, like if writing an email or poem.

5. GOAT Stabilizers

The GMMK keyboard does not come with switches by default, you can pick any standard switch to hot swap into the keyboard. When inserted it fits securely and there is no noticeable wobble from side-to-side or up/down movement on your desk.

Glorious sells an array of different types so I would recommend trying either “Glorious Pandas” tactile typers made specifically for this board as well as Gateron Black & Red linear ones depending upon how fast they need their keys registered (not sure what type best suits them?).

You don’t have to buy both sets if only one person in your household will be using these keyboards because we’ve got plenty more options available.

6. Keycap compatibility

The GMMK Pro is a barebones keyboard, so you’ll need to find your own keycaps. Fortunately for gamers and typists alike, there are plenty out on the market.

The set that works best with this particular model? Glorious offers its own sets of PBT or GMK plastic soft-keys (price TBD). Keycap compatibility: The GMMK Pro keyboard has a number of different keys that can be replaced with your own favorite keycaps.

Some of the more important ones you must pay attention to are 1u right shift, 1up alt/ctl+windows logo on the left side, and ctrl fn lock buttons just under spacebar for those who use it without directional arrows–although these may not matter since they’re printed upside down.

7. Build Quality

The GMMK Pro keyboard is a beast. It weighs in at 1,496.85 grams and features a rock solid case that will withstand any abuse you can give it without flexing or making noise.

There are no signs of wear either; everything about this product speaks professionalism from its high-quality construction down to how silent they operate when typing – not one creak could be heard while using my test model as an example for some time now (almost 2 months).

The hot swap sockets look well built too so we should have no issues supporting switches with them attached if needed tomorrow night’s event.


What is the difference between GMMK and GMMK pro?

The GMMK keyboard has been gaining popularity, but what is the difference between that and the GMMK pro? The GMMK pro features a few different things that set it apart from its counterpart. For starters, it comes with all of the keycaps already installed for you. It also includes an LED under every single keycap on your board which allows for more customization abilities. Finally, there are 8 more additional macro keys to help make sure you never have to use an action again!

What is GMMK PRO?

Glorious GMMK PRO is a new supplement that promises to help you lose weight, gain muscle mass, and feel great. It’s made up of four natural ingredients which are shown in clinical studies to have positive effects on the body. The best part? GMMK PRO is 100% safe with no side effects! Now available online at for only $49 per bottle!

Is GMMK any good?

I’ve been working out for a while now and I love it. I want to know if GMMK is worth joining though because they seem like an expensive keyboard?

Is the GMMK Pro a good keyboard?

The GMMK Pro keyboard is a high quality, durable and ergonomic mechanical keyboard. This board features Cherry MX switches which are the most popular in the industry. The keycaps are laser etched so they will never wear off and it comes with an aluminum case for protection. If you’re looking for a sturdy board that can withstand any type of use then this is a perfect choice!

This blog post will be looking at the GMMK Pro Keyboard, a keyboard designed for gaming. It has all of the features that any gamer needs in order to get an edge over their opponents when playing games.


If you’re looking for a gmmk keyboard that will make typing more enjoyable and easier, then I highly recommend the gmmk pro. This is the best compact keyboard I’ve ever used because it’s ergonomic and easy to type on. The keys feel like they’re melting into my fingertips with every touch and it really makes typing a joy. It has preset layouts so there are no issues about which hand should be dominant or how your hands need to be positioned in order to use this product.

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  6. The GMMK is a mechanical keyboard that switches out the standard Cherry MX keys with the new Gateron Switches. The keyboard has an aluminum frame and doubleshot PBT keycaps for maximum durability. The best part about this keyboard is its $65 price tag! If you are looking for a durable and affordable mechanical keyboard, look no further than the GMMK.

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